The Cushobi Story


Hello and welcome to Cushobi. I’m just a mum with a love of all things punny, a rather worrying completely normal obsession with buttons and an insatiable passion for making pretty things. Hopefully you will like them too. No two items with be the same, but they will all be made with love and I hope they’ll make you smile as much as I do when I’m creating them.

Cushobi HQ. It may not be glamorous but it’s better than the floor, which is where it all began!

I love everything I make, and believe me I would keep them all if thought my husband would allow it (I am slowly taking over the living room -shh! I don’t think he’s noticed yet) but I also love sharing what I do and thereby sharing the joy that crafting brings me. It’s like therapy. It makes me happy. And that happiness can now be passed on to you.

How was Cushobi born?

I have a part time day job. I’m also full time wife & mum. I am BUSY. There is no doubt about that, but for the longest while I felt like there was something missing. At the end of 2015 I was asked by a friend, “What makes you happy?” and I said “My family… and making things.” But I realised there really wasn’t enough of the latter going on and that had to change.

So as I stepped into 2016, I dusted off my 20-year-old sewing machine, grabbed my box of buttons and began making things. At first there was no direction and I was making things just for the sheer joy of it, but then I started running out of space, my husband gave me ‘the look’ and I realised I that couldn’t really keep it all for myself. So why not share? And that’s how Cushobi was born.

But why “Cushobi”?

Well my cushion obsession as almost equal to my button obsession, and my nickname is Niobe (My husband’s is Morpheus and if you get the significance of that, you are my hero) so I joined ‘cushion’ and ‘Niobe’ and got Cushobi. It’s silly, it’s quirky and it suits me to a T 🙂

Check out my shop, take a look at my blog, or read more about my creations. I’m so glad to have you here!